What You Should Consider When Shipping to France

So you’re planning to move or send some important items to France? Shipping to France has been made easy due to the abundance of choices. But what exactly should you do when you’re planning to ship items to the country? Here are some basic pointers you should consider when you are shipping to Frances your valuable items:

• Consider the items that you’re planning to ship. Most of the shipping specifications will most likely depend on this factor. This also gives you the chance to choose different services when shipping to France different items. For instance, you can have a different shipping company transfer your car to France, instead of relying on the same company you chose to ship your household belongings.

But what does that do, exactly? For one, it allows you the opportunity to save money. Specialization concerns when shipping to France also gives you peace of mind, since you know your belongings are being handled by a company that specializes on that kind of service.

• Consider the mode of transport in order to save money. This is basic with most shipping services, although all the more so when a significant number of items are being transferred. Of course, you need to look into the delivery time as well as the safety clauses when choosing a transport mode.

• Consider the laws when shipping to France. This would include concerns when it comes to taxes and custom limitations. For instance, when you’re shipping your car, you’re required to pay a 10 percent tax (based on the cost of the car) and a 19.6 percent value added tax. Basically, this means it’d be expensive to ship vehicles to France particularly if you own a luxury car. Your 2010 Jaguar XJ (price: 67,000 dollars) will have a shipping tax of 6,700 dollars, plus the value added tax. What this means is this: considering the tax allows you to consider whether you should still ship the vehicle or not.

As for the custom limitations: when shipping to France, you need to pass certain conditions. For instance, the items should’ve been in your possession for six months at least before shipping and residency change. They should be itemized (the list has to be comprehensive), dated, and signed. If you’re moving to France, you need to produce a French Resident Card. If this isn’t available, a letter from your employer (who should be French) is required

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